Dallas Mavericks Shock Boston Celtics in Game 4 of NBA Finals

Dallas Mavericks Shock Boston Celtics in Game 4 of NBA Finals


Jun 16 2024


Mavericks Dominate Game 4 of NBA Finals, Upsetting Celtics

In an unexpected turn of events, the Boston Celtics were handed a shocking 122-84 loss by the Dallas Mavericks in Game 4 of the NBA Finals. The Celtics, who were just one victory away from capturing their record-setting 18th NBA championship, seemed to be caught off guard by the ferocity of their opponents. This loss, ending their 10-game postseason winning streak, has pushed the series back to TD Garden for an all-important Game 5.

Coach Joe Mazzulla's squad entered Game 4 with towering confidence, only to falter in the face of an unrelenting Mavericks team. Luka Doncic led the charge for Dallas, scoring an impressive 25 points, with support from his teammate Kyrie Irving, who contributed 11 points. The Mavericks set the tone from the very beginning, finishing the first quarter with a 13-point lead and extending it to a staggering 26 points by halftime. The Celtics never truly found their footing, trailing behind and failing to mount any significant comeback.

The Celtics' struggles were evident across various facets of their game. They were outmaneuvered on the boards, outshot from the field, and committed a problematic 14 turnovers, which translated into 17 points for the Mavericks. This relentless pressure left Boston grappling for answers, and by the time Mazzulla chose to pull his starters with 15 minutes remaining, the outcome seemed inevitable. It was a humbling experience for a team that had seen so much success throughout the playoffs.

Key Players and Performances

Al Horford, a seasoned veteran and central figure for the Celtics, was candid in his post-game remarks. He acknowledged the superiority of the Mavericks on the night, stating that Dallas had simply outplayed them. “They did everything better than us tonight, hats off to them,” Horford admitted. His assessment was echoed by Jaylen Brown, who emphasized the need for the Celtics to elevate their level of play if they are to close out the series successfully. “We can't let this beat us up, but we have to learn from it and come back stronger,” Brown stressed.

On the flip side, Dallas’s victory was a testament to their cohesive team effort. Luka Doncic's 25 points were achieved through a blend of skillful shooting and intelligent playmaking, setting the pace for his teammates and maintaining the rhythm throughout the game. Kyrie Irving, though not as high-scoring, was pivotal in orchestrating the offense and bolstering the team’s defense. The Mavericks' defense clamped down on Boston's key players, forcing them into difficult shots and capitalizing on their every mistake.

Challenges and Areas for Improvement

For the Celtics, the focus now shifts to introspection and improvement. Jaylen Brown highlighted the critical need to refine their approach, especially in terms of discipline and execution. “We have the talent and capability, but we have to execute better,

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