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Who’s up for dessert? “No” - nobody, ever - Orange River Cellars Red Muscadel

October 09, 2019

The grapes of Orange River Cellars originate from just under six-hundred expert grape farmers who cultivate up and down the Orange River, also known as the Great Gariep River. This is a three-hundred Kilometre stretch of vineyards that form the second largest wine cooperative in the world, and the largest in South Africa. 

The geophysical and micro-climatic terroir is dramatically different along this route so it brings forth an amazing diversity of flavours and cultivars unlike anywhere else in the world. 

Enter stage left, the dessert wine of kings, taking a gold medal in the 2016 Muscats du Monde is the Red Muscadel from Orange River Cellars. An exciting viticultural journey begins with the wines orange-red hue; Intense beeswax-like Muscadel aromas combined with raisin fruit followed by a rich aftertaste. This is a dessert wine to savour by itself, or as a companion to all cheeses and rich pasta dishes, best served cold.

URL: https://orangeriverwines.com 

E: info@owk.co.za 

FB: https://www.facebook.com/orangeriver.cellars 

Tel: +27 (0) 54 337 8800 

Photo credit:  Orange River Cellars Web Page

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Who’s up for dessert? “No” - nobody, ever - Nederburg Noble Late Harvest

October 08, 2019

Botrytis cinerea is a fungal cultivation that is introduced to late harvest grapes on the vine, also known as the “Noble Rot” it causes the grapes to shrivel to almost raisin-like proportions whilst converting the maximum amount of fructose to create a sweet, sweet dessert wine.

At Nederburg, which is an incomparable estate with many, many attractions, and the creation of the Nederburg Auction allowed for South African Access into the international dessert wine competitions.

The wine itself is a brilliant yellow with hints of gold and has a bouquet of orange peel, apricot accented by dried peach aromas. On your palate you will experience a subtle balance between acid and sugar with dried fruit, pineapple and citrus flavours.

Viva a’la dessert!

URL: https://nederburg.com  

E: info@nederburg.com 

FB: https://www.facebook.com/NederburgWinesSouthAfrica/ 

Tel: +27 (0) 81 848 4295

Location: Nederburg Wine Estate Sonstraal Road, Paarl

Photo credit:  Nederburg Web Page

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Who’s up for dessert? “No” - nobody, ever

October 07, 2019

You may know all about the fantastic wines and estates that are the imprint of Huguenot settlers meeting Dutch farming sensibilities in some of the most verdant and fertile wine growing regions of the world. Amongst this you will also find the incredible dessert “Noblesse” dessert wines that are sweet, fragrant and a result of a guerilla tactic employed by local wine producers to enter the world stage and sweep away many gold medals in their category.

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