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Autumn in the Cape - Wild Food Foraging with Veld & Sea - Part 3

April 11, 2019

Autumn/Winter is a great time for foraging, and few do the forage-to-plate experience better than Veld & Sea. They offer a coastal foraging course that is a superb experience which allows you to get your feet wet, your hand dirty and your tummy full. 

Bring your kids, this is such a day out in the beautiful outdoors. You will be introduced to local edible seaweed, macro-algae and shellfish and how to harvest them sustainably, from rock pools by the waters’ edge. 

The entire experience culminates in a feast incorporating all the natural edibles you have collected from the coast. A big element in the shoreside exploration is how to treat nature with respect, and how to ensure that there will always be more for others to enjoy.

You have no idea how many delicious things exist right under our noses, you just have to know where to look. :-)

URL: https://veldandsea.com/ 

F: https://www.facebook.com/veldandsea/ 

E: roushanna@hotmail.com 

T: +27 72 234 4804

Where: Good Hope Gardens Nursery, Plateau Rd, Cape Point

Picture Credit: Veld & Sea Web Page

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Autumn in the Cape - Kalk Bay Books - Part 2

April 10, 2019

From beverage to book. While the Cape may be perfect for all manner of outdoor fun, there is still cause to stay indoors, curled up near a fire and to read a good book in the cooler afternoons. 

We have written about Kalk Bay many times, and if you are heading through this stunning seaside town while you are sightseeing, do pop in to the bookstore, it’s really quite a find. 

They are an independent bookstore and thus are a little more inured to the shoves and sways of the popular literary world. This allows them to stock, or rather, curate an interesting selection. While you may not find the thing you are looking for, you will always find something (even if you didn’t know you wanted it before entering). 

This is the joy of an independent bookstore, and you will struggle to find one in a more picturesque setting.

URL: https://kalkbaybooks.co.za

T: +2721 788 2266

Where: 124 Main Road, Kalk Bay

Picture Credit: Kalk Bay Books Facebook Page

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Autumn in the Cape - Grab a warm cuppa @ Motherland Coffee Company - Part 1

April 09, 2019

On a chilly autumnal morning or afternoon, a hot beverage is exactly what the doctor ordered. Why not make it a sustainably farmed, ethically sourced hot beverage at that?

Motherland Coffee Company pride themselves on being able to trace their fairtrade pedigree all the way to the root, sourcing the best beans at competitive prices, thus supporting the industry at a grassroots level. Now you can sip with a clear conscience, and thoroughly enjoy the delicious hot stuff they’ve got. African Coffee at it’s finest.

One of our favourite flavours of roast is the Toil & Triumph with beans from from Burundi and Ethiopia. “It’s a soft, sweet coffee, demonstrating flavour notes of caramel and berry fruits.You’ll find bright Ethiopian citrus mellowed by the winey yet smooth Burundi, creating a balanced and delicate flavour journey from start to finish. Look for a soft, caramel mouth feel and berry fruit notes in the finish.”

This is as much about a cup of coffee as it is about reclaiming something that has distinctly African roots, but whatever your angle, it’s still a damn fine cuppa.

URL: http://www.motherlandcoffee.com 

F: https://www.facebook.com/motherlandcoffee/ 

Where: Mandela Rhodes building, Cnr Wale street & St Georges Mall

Picture Credit: Motherland Coffee Company Facebook Page

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Autumn in the Cape

April 08, 2019

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."

  • Albert Camus

The mornings and evenings are becoming a little cooler, with the mist lying in the City Bowl for a little longer before being dispersed by the sun. The Roses, Ericas and Buchu’s are beginning to consider flowering and there is a lovely tang to the air, let’s go and see what we can do in this magical time of year.

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