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Experience the Wildlife - Cape Point Ostrich Farm - Part 3

February 21, 2019

On your inevitable trip to Cape Point, make sure you set aside some time to pop round this immaculate ostrich farm, you will certainly not regret it.

There is a stunning restaurant (The Hatchery) which is open for breakfast and lunch. 

The leather shop specialises in high-end luxury ostrich leather handbags, belts, wallets and shoes, made to the highest standards by veteran artisans. 

Take the guided tour of the premises and see the full cycle of the breeding farm, from egg to the adult bird. You can tell that everything pivots around the comfort and happiness of the birds.

In the curio shop you will also find a selection of beautifully carved and painted ostrich eggs, very African and very vibrant.

Make the stop when you’re in the area, you’ll leave laden with goodies :-)

URL: http://capepointostrichfarm.com 

Where: Plateau Rd, Cape Peninsula, Cape Town

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Experience the Wildlife - Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary - Part 2

February 20, 2019

Aside from having the coolest name out there, this amazing sanctuary is doing outstanding work in the field of rehabilitation, rearing and protecting the big cat population in South Africa. 

The name comes from the four core cats that they focus on, panthera leo - the lion, panthera pardus - the leopard, panthera onca - the jaguar and panthera tigris - the tiger.

When you visit you can expect to see, photograph and enjoy the proud lions (brown and white), the svelte cheetahs, the cheeky leopards (spotted and black) and the immense bengal tigers, as well as the striking caracals.

You must really have a look at their website, there are a number of different trips with different benefits for you to enjoy, really, there’s something for everyone!

URL: https://pantheraafrica.com/ 

E: info@pantheraafrica.com 

Where: Farm 933, Portion 2, Stanford

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