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Botany Bound - The Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden - Part 3

February 14, 2019

There are few places more beautiful, more serene and more creatively stunning than the Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden. You will leave this wondrous place a changed person, for the better, there is such depth and inspiration.

Sixty sculptures are harmoniously intertwined with nature and showcase the creative journey and growth of the artist Dylan Lewis. 

The land itself has been sculpted to create the equivalent of a natural gallery replete with hidden paths, lush gardens and all manner if creative expression.

Explorations of the human form, shamanic figures, monumental abstracted fragments and his iconic great cats, which have been internationally recognised for their sheer visual power, adorn the landscape and are simply breathtaking.

An absolute must-see!

URL: http://www.dylanlewis.co.za 

Where: Paradyskloof, Stellenbosch  

Picture Credit: Dylan Lewis Webpage

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Botany Bound - The Karoo Desert National Botanical Gardens - Part 2

February 13, 2019

Now we go a little further, all the way to Worcester, to discover the largest cultivated display of indigenous succulents in South Africa, over five hundred species can be seen.

Eleven beautiful hectares of carefully kept natural environment await you, including a Braille trail, a plant maze and organised tours to get a deep dive into the local plant knowledge and history. 

If you want to truly understand how unique semi-arid desert succulents are, you really must grab a tour!

Highlights include a Khoisan cooking shelter where you can witness the hand-in-glove relationship between the people and the land in times gone by. Also, the famous Namaqualand spring flowers make a showing here, covering the hills in the beautiful pastels of Vygies. 

Where: 108 Roux Road, Worcester

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Botany Bound - Harold Porter National Botanical Garden - Part 1

February 12, 2019

100 kilometers out of Cape Town and slap bang in the middle of the Cape fynbos region, you will find the Harold Porter National Botanical Garden. Ten hectares of cultivated botanical garden and one-hundred and ninety hectares of natural fynbos are there for you to enjoy. 

The beauty lies in the fact that you can experience four major types of flora in the Cape, and those would be fynbos, afro montane forests, wetlands, and coastal dunes.

Specifically, for the horticulturalists, you will find the red disa (Disa uniflora) and our national flower, the king protea (Protea cynaroides) as well as leucadendrons, proteas and ericas.

There is a high likelihood that you’ll see mongooses, dassies, baboons and otters, also the beautiful Cape sugarbird and the orange breasted sunbird. 

Another amazing part of the garden is a khoisan section of medicinal plants with very informative boards that share the interesting botanical history of the local peoples.

Where: c/o Clarence Drive and, Broadwith Rd, Betty's Bay

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