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Oh, what a pair! - Gin Tasting @ Autograph Gin - Part 3

January 17, 2019

Gin has been experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity, with a smattering of craft distilleries opening and bringing their unique takes on the spirit to market. Being South African, Autograph is carefully distilled using blended botanicals and fynbos (part of what makes the Western Cape the smallest floral kingdom in the world). 

If you contact Autograph, they will be happy to arrange a bespoke tasting for you, with your own mixologist and private table. This is a great way to become acquainted with their style, flavour and ethos. 

It also helps that the venue is stunning, the gin fabulous and the servers are all incredibly knowledgeable and passionate.

All in all it’s an experience and an education, well worth the beautiful drive!

URL: http://www.autographgin.com 

E: info@autographgin.com 

F: https://www.facebook.com/autographdistillery/ 

Tel: +27 82 550 2604

Where: 13 Distillery Road, Bosman’s Crossing


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