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Freedom Day Weekend 2018 - Robben Island Museum & tour - Part 1

April 17, 2018

To contextualise the idea of our freedoms that we hold so dear, and how easily they can be taken away by a brutal government bent on segregation, there is no better monument to the struggle of many encapsulated in the struggle of one. Robben Island, where Madiba spent 27 years incarcerated by a system designed to break the backbone of the ANC movement. 

Though it’s been a tourist site and a museum since 1997, it hasn’t always been a prison, at various points it was a training and defence station in World War II and a hospital for leprosy patients, and the mentally and chronically ill. 

The victory of freedom over oppression has been symbolically imbued in this location. Try as the regime might, they could not break the spirit of our first democratically elected president. Well worth the visit, a very thought provoking journey in all. 

Daily tours depart from the Nelson Mandela Gateway at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront.

URL: http://www.robben-island.org.za

F: https://www.facebook.com/robbenislandDAC/

E: infow@robben-island.org.za

Tel: +27 21 413 4200

Location: Nelson Mandela Gateway, V & A Waterfront

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