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Izakaya Matsuri

October 31, 2016

Around the corner from the historic Victoria Junction in trendy De Waterkant, you will find a little gem of a restaurant tucked away at The Rockwell. Everything on the menu is a must have, necessitating a return trip (or two) to enjoy the entire breadth of their fantastic menu. Ranging from traditional to uniquely non-traditional Japanese dishes, the chef/owner Arata Koga (formerly sushi master at Tank and Genki) pays homage to the roots of his craft, whilst elevating it to an art. Along with a great selection of Asian beers and sake there are a few notable items on the menu, for instance the sublime Nabe Yaki Udon (beautiful prawn tempura, shitake mushrooms, spinach, tofu bean curd and a poached egg) or the refreshing and slightly piquant Tataki Roll (seared tuna and avo). A great experience in a small corner that reflects the chef's delight and passion in food.

URL:             http://www.izakayamatsuri.com/

F:                  https://www.facebook.com/izakayaMatsuri/

T:                  https://twitter.com/matsuricapetown

Email:           matsurigreenpoint@gmail.com

Tel:               (021) 421 4520

Address:       6, The Rockwell, 32 Prestwich St, Green Point, Cape Town, 8001, South

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