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November 30, 2016

Tigers Milk - Long Street

There is always an energy at Tigers Milk in Long Street, a perpetually pumping environment that provides entertainment through the upbeat music, the wait staff and the off-the-wall decor. An expansive menu, that covers many staples as well as signature dishes, leaves little to be desired. Try all their burgers, seriously, keep going back until you have had each one, they are that good, this is man food at it’s finest. Also amazing is their acorn fed pork, seasoned with Asian spices, hoisin, red peppers and spring & red onions. Finish off with a Jack Daniels-spiked chocolate mousse with vanilla ice cream, it’s sublime. The pace is fast, the venue is buzzing and the food is a treat, enjoy.

URL: http://tigersmilk.co.za/long-street/

Tel:      021 4220700 / 021 422 3556

E-Mail: longstreet@tigersmilk.co.za

Address:        44 Long Street, Cape Town

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Izakaya Matsuri

October 31, 2016

Around the corner from the historic Victoria Junction in trendy De Waterkant, you will find a little gem of a restaurant tucked away at The Rockwell. Everything on the menu is a must have, necessitating a return trip (or two) to enjoy the entire breadth of their fantastic menu. Ranging from traditional to uniquely non-traditional Japanese dishes, the chef/owner Arata Koga (formerly sushi master at Tank and Genki) pays homage to the roots of his craft, whilst elevating it to an art. Along with a great selection of Asian beers and sake there are a few notable items on the menu, for instance the sublime Nabe Yaki Udon (beautiful prawn tempura, shitake mushrooms, spinach, tofu bean curd and a poached egg) or the refreshing and slightly piquant Tataki Roll (seared tuna and avo). A great experience in a small corner that reflects the chef's delight and passion in food.

URL:             http://www.izakayamatsuri.com/

F:                  https://www.facebook.com/izakayaMatsuri/

T:                  https://twitter.com/matsuricapetown

Email:           matsurigreenpoint@gmail.com

Tel:               (021) 421 4520

Address:       6, The Rockwell, 32 Prestwich St, Green Point, Cape Town, 8001, South

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Kloof Street House

October 24, 2016

When walking into Kloof Street House the first things that strike one are the intricacy and attention to detail in the décor as well as how much the pleasantly confident crew add to the atmosphere. Generally it speaks volumes about the food to come when there is pride in the work, and in the appearance of the work place. The smaller details are very charming, from the bird feeders to the statuettes, KSH certainly know how to please the visual senses, Though KSH does have a great selection of wines across the board (including Meerlusts “The Rubicon”, and Waterfords “The Jem”) there are also some gems from the Helderberg basin that aren’t too tough on the pocket thrown in for good measure. The food was outstanding, presented beautifully, prepared to perfection and ideally portioned. KSH lends itself to romantic meals by candlelight, great cocktails to live jazz on a Sunday, or a lovely lunch with friends and family, basking in the beautiful ambience. Highly recommended as a not-to-be-missed Cape Town experience.

Upcoming Events: Gothic Halloween on the 31st of october

URL:    http://www.kloofstreethouse.co...

F:         https://www.facebook.com/kloof...

I:          https://www.instagram.com/kloo...

T:         https://twitter.com/KloofStrHo...

Email:         info@kloofstreethouse.co.za

Tel:         +27 21 423 4413

Address: 30 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town

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