January - a month for growth - Drone Photography Course - Part 1

January 02, 2019

One for the dads (or Mom’s, however you roll)! You will find Feenix Drone Academy at the Cape Academy of Maths, Science and Technology in Constantia, and it’s the only facility that does the coursework and practical material at the same premises (very convenient).

They have a beginner drone flight course (which you may want to take if you very recently bought your device), but if you’re already a little familiar with your drone and want to take your ability to capture stills and video to the next level, they have just the course for you.

Feenix helps you develop the skills necessary to research, compose, and capture digital photo or video projects in a very hands-on course. They touch on many aspects, from lighting to history to editing and even how to go about building your brand and style of photography. 

After two days of intensive coursework and practical training you will have learned a whole new set of skills to allow you to take your aerial photography to the next level.



Course details: 

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January - a month for growth

December 31, 2018

This is the time of year where your timeline will be inundated with “New year - New You!” type of messages, so we thought we’d focus on a couple of things that are not too “resolutiony” and rather delve more into learning something, having some fun and perhaps stepping out of your comfort zone a tad.

Happy New Year!

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All things Christmas

December 24, 2018

This week we thought we’d do something different, everybody has plans, everybody is running around like a headless chicken to try and find/prepare/plan that final thing!

This week we thought we’d write about some facts about christmas and some interesting and sometimes quirky global Christmas traditions, who knows, maybe you might want to “bolt” one of these on to your existing plans?

Christmas is quite ancient in origin and revolved around pagan celebrations such as Deus Sol Invictus (Dec 25), the Kalends (Jan 1-5), and Saturnalia (Dec 17-23). Ultimately the date  of the 24/25th was associated with the birth of Christ, and was thus spread to all the corners of the world.

Mistletoe, with its penchant for staying green and bearing fruit in Winter, was held particularly sacred by the Celtic Druids, Norse peoples and Native American Indians. Evergreen trees have always been revered for similar reasons, eventually being co-opted into the Christmas celebrations.

One of our favourite Christmas traditions hails from Iceland and really appeals to our love of books. It is habitual in Iceland to exchange books on Christmas Eve and then spend the rest of the evening reading the books and eating chocolate, sounds like heaven to me!

Did you know that fruit cake originated in ancient Egypt? It was considered mandatory to get into the afterlife, now it is mandatory with tea :-)

In the Ukraine, there are twelve course to their Christmas meal, one for each of the apostles.

In Guatemala, during the first week of Advent, local men in devil costumes run in the streets and chase children. This part of the festivities known as “The Devil’s Reign” ends on December 7th with La Quema del Diablo (“The Burning of the Devil”). This is a cleansing ceremony where people place things they do not want or need (or symbols thereof) on to a big pile, cover it with firecrackers and burn it all.

In the city of Caracas in Venezuela, it has become a well established (they shut down traffic) tradition to head to mass in roller skates on Christmas Day, lovely!

Whatever you do, however you celebrate, we do hope you have a lovely Christmas and a magical New Year!

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Outdoorsy Cape Summer - Delheim Harvest Festival - Part 3

December 20, 2018

Hats and sunscreen? Great, off we go!

At the beginning of every year there is a race to get the harvest going and Delheim has been known to ring it in with exuberance and style.

This year's’ theme is Pink, in honour of their award-winning, world-renowned Pinotage Rosé.

It's time to get your PINK on! This happy colour is the theme for Delheim’s 2019 Harvest Festival hosted by this renowned Stellenbosch wine stalwart on Saturday, 26 January to celebrate the bounty of the vineyard.

Make sure you book ahead because tickets are limited to only 120 adults and 30 children to enjoy what promises to be a fun-filled day in the country.

You’ll start the day picking grapes and stomping them too. Then you will ease into a great family-friendly harvest table full of farm fresh salads, dolmades, baked breads, cheese and preserves, pickles, a variety of meats, fruit, cheese straws, olives and of course, grapes.

The desserts are also really worth looking forward to,  fynbos cupcakes and Pinotage ice-cream.

Remember: Pre-bookings are essential!



Where: Delheim Wine Estate, Knorhoek Road, Stellenbosch

When: 26 January 2019

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Outdoorsy Cape Summer - The Maynardville Open Air Theatre Festival - Part 2

December 20, 2018

A staple for the quintessential Cape Town experience is to head over to the Maynardville Open Air Theatre and be bedazzled by highly talented renditions of Shakespeare’s works under the stars. 

The spectacular green wooded park has been playing host to annual open-air festivals of the arts, and I  must say, there is something uniquely magical about hearing the breezes hum through the trees as a backdrop to high drama on the stage. 

I highly recommend taking a blanket, because it does get quite nippy later in the evening, and a cushion, for the wooden seats.

The pre-show drinks and snacks that can be purchased all work towards supporting local Rotary charities, and they do a lot of great work in the community.

This is a festival of theatre, ballet, orchestra and comedy that you should go and support, you will be pleasantly enthused by the amount of talent you’ll be seeing on stage.



Where: 27 Piers Road, Wynberg

When: 17 January - 10 March 2019

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Outdoorsy Cape Summer - Zip Zap Circus @ The V&A Waterfront - Part 1

December 19, 2018

Here’s one to warm your heart and put you in a giving mood for this festive season, the Zip Zap Circus has been going strong for many years and focuses on training youth from many walks of life. Often they provide the alternative to what could become a cycle of wrong choices, in an environment that is fun, challenging and supportive. 

Be amazed by the adept juggling, vaulting and jumping, dizzying climbing and high energy comedy acrobatics, the show will leave you gobsmacked and highly entertained. 

While the shows are free of charge, we do encourage that you donate this season, you can do so here: 

They do great work and could use all the support they can get.


Where: The Amphitheatre, The V&A Waterfront

When: 02 January - 08 January 2019

Time: 17:00 - 18:00

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Outdoorsy Cape Summer

December 18, 2018

"And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer."

- F.Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

This week we will be looking at some activities over and above the usual summer/beach/cocktail-type fun. It’s the perfect time of year, don’t forget your sunscreen.


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Grab-and-go picnic ideas - Olive Branch Deli - Part 3

December 13, 2018

On the picturesque and ever-busy Kloof street you will find this beautiful little Deli where the passion for food translates into every item they make and stock. This is a community grocer with an interest in social upliftment and supporting the smaller artisan producers and various cottage industries. 

The Olive Branch also supplies many of the top Cape restaurants with difficult-to-source ingredients, as well as believing in a holistic approach to health and food.

The shops is an amazing old-worldy experience, and you should stock up on their artisan ancient grain breads, their meticulously pickled olives, feta and dolmades to your heart's content.

Once you’ve stocked up, pack your backpack and head up to the best view in the world, Lions Head. On a scale of 1-10 this is about a 6.5 (depending on your fitness), but well worth the effort!



Where: Lifestyle on Kloof, KLoof Street, Gardens

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Grab-and-go picnic ideas - Sacred Ground Deli - Part 2

December 12, 2018

From Constantia to Franschhoek, we’re off to yet another of the world’s premier wine producing regions, specifically in The Square, a beautiful neck of the woods.

Sacred Ground is a Deli and a bakery and a roastery all in one, with a penchant for the wholesome and the organic.

You really have the option of either grabbing all the items you want to “assemble” for your picnic later, or rab something directly off the deli menu (where they use all the items sold in the shop in any case). Either way, you are bound to walk away with something delicious!

If you want an express option, grab a gourmet baguette, such as the pulled pork belly with gherkins and mustard, or the simply salmon with smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber, black sesame seeds and beetroot aioli, delish!

Grab your goodies and head off to Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve to enjoy the tranquility within the UNESCO Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve. It’s a place of such beauty, you won’t have to stray far from your parked car to find a spot to unfurl your blanket and devour your spoils :-)



Tel: +2721 876 2759

Where: 36 Huguenot Street, The Square, Franschhoek

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Grab-and-go picnic ideas - Chardonnay Deli - Part 1

December 11, 2018

Chardonnay Deli is situated in Constantia, in the lap of vineyards and rolling mountain slopes, surrounded by luscious green in all directions. 

While they may call themselves “an upmarket farm stall”, they really are so much more. Created by an ensemble of catering chefs they pride themselves on a variety of healthy and homemade products. They stock everything from basic grocery items to local farm produce, handmade home and lifestyle products and a lot more.

Spoil yourself on any of the amazing bakery goods including rustic cakes and breads, pies, quiches, pastries and cookies, and have it wrapped to go.

The Constantia/Tokai area is rife with beautiful wine estates and forests so you will not struggle to find a beautiful spot to roll out a blanket and tuck in. You may want to take a drive up Price Drive, the view is phenomenal.



Tel: +2721 795 0606

Where: 87 Constantia Main Road, Constantia

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