Location: Mouille Point

Shake it up! - The Creamery - Part 3

July 26, 2018

This is another one of those epic handmade havens where you can see the fruits of human labour, and taste the results, which are always fantastic. Located in Moullie Point, these guys know how to whip up dreamy flavours and heavenly ice cream concoctions!

Amongst the milkshakes on the menu you will find decadent 65% chocolate, sea salt caramel, peanut butter, sweet cream, lemon curd, toasted coconut, chocolate orange and the super-decadent brûléed marshmallow milkshake. 

The flavours change seasonally (and in some cases daily) so look out for those special blends like Ginger & Roast Apple, Banana & Caramelized Walnut or the Mulberry Buttermilk Swirl. 

These guys have a knack for the sweet side of the flavour spectrum, a must-visit!

URL: http://thecreamery.co.za/ 

Tel: +27 21 434 2455

E: hello@thecreamery.co.za 

Location: Shop 2, Park Road, Moullie Point

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A traipse along the Mouille Point Golden Mile - The Blue Train Park- Part 3

March 29, 2018

Now for an excellent little adventure for the kids, they will absolutely love this!

A testimony to the fantastic work of the Sea Point Rotary Club, who have kept this venue alive, and more recently, refurbished. 

In operation for more than 55 years the property is a mere 25m from the Atlantic Ocean with a backdrop of Lions Head, Signal Hill and Table Mountain.

Activities include the famous Mini Blue Train, the park also has an outdoor ice skating rink, a 30m zip line, a dirt bike track, a cement pushbike track, slides, see-saws, a climbing rock, two Jungle gyms, an obstacle course and far more. Well worth the visit, refreshments and snacks are available at the kiosk. 

URL: http://www.thebluetrainpark.co.za/

F: https://www.facebook.com/The-Blue-Train-Park-650869141603064/ 

E: info@thebluetrainpark.com

Tel: +27 84 314 9200

Location: Main Road, Mouille Point

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A traipse along the Mouille Point Golden Mile - Lily’s Restaurant - Part 1

March 27, 2018

Welcome to Lily’s. Lily’s is an eclectic, vibrant midtown eatery with a focus on sustainable, local foods and wines. 

They serve up contemporary food all day in a relaxed setting overlooking the sea. As popular for breakfast as it is for cocktail hour, you will always find the venue well-visited.

Try the Lamb Popsicles, beautifully French trimmed lamb cutlets with rosemary, chili, garlic, olives, lemon and new baby potatoes. For dessert wrap it up with The Sandwich, a berry ripple cheesecake with ice-cream and vanilla cookies. 

Absolutely heavenly.

URL: http://www.lilysrestaurant.co.za/

F: https://www.facebook.com/Lilys-Restaurant

E: info@lilysrestaurant.co.za

Tel: +27 21 204 8545

Location: Shop 1, East-West Building, 

cnr Beach Rd & Surrey Place, Mouille Point

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Summer Sunsets - Summer Sunset Cocktails at Sotano - Part 2

November 29, 2017

With beautiful views over the Atlantic Ocean towards Robben Island and past the Mouille Point lighthouse, Sotanos has a little something for everyone on its Mediterranean inspired menu.

On Friday nights Sotanos has its sunset sessions to the accompaniment of smooth tunes courtesy of Abbott Nu Jazz. The Daiquiris are insanely good, make sure you Uber, because the combination of the fresh sea air, great drinks and outstanding views will make you quickly lose track of how much fun you’re having.

Not to forget, the tapas selection is extensive too, pan-seared scallops, Patatas Bravas or grilled chicken satays are all brilliantly prepared and beautifully presented!

Come for the view, stay for supper.

(P.S. Every Wednesday, Sotano serves up its popular two for one Lamb Burger Special from 5pm)

URL: http://www.sotano.co.za/ 

E: info@sotano.co.za 

I: https://www.instagram.com/sotanoCT/ 

Tel: +27(0)21 433 1757

Location: 121 Beach Road, Mouille Point

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