Table Mountain National Park

March 05, 2020

Cape Town is one of the only cities in the world that has a huge national park that practically straddles across the entire city.  Originating from north of Cape Town it stretches across the Peninsula to Cape Point. A natural world heritage site, and a Natural New 7 Wonder of the World, the park encompass beaches, forests, waterfalls, ravines and its topped with the magnificent iconic Table Mountain. You can hike in it, climb in it, cycle in it, swim in it, surf it, camp in it and even see Penguins in it, at Boulders Beach. It is so intertwined with the geography of the City of Cape Town that in parts it borders residential properties. It is awash with flora, with 8200 plant species, to put that into perspective the whole off the UK has less than 1500 plant species. In addition to the penguins the park is home to baboons, antelopes, eland, caracals, dassies and quaggas. It’s very popular with hikers and local favourites include a full moon hike up Lion’s Head, Silvermine to the Elephant’s Eye Cave and Platteklip Gorge, the quickest and easiest hike up Table Mountain.  Although private camping is banned in the park, there are many accommodation options ranging from budget overnight basic huts to tented camps right through to more plush cottages.   021 487 6800

Tafelberg Rd, Cape Town

Image Credit - Cape Town Tourism 

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