Retail Therapy-Shopping in Cape Town

March 09, 2020

Shopping is better than sex. If you're not satisfied after shopping you can make an exchange for something you really like.  

Adrienne Gusoff  

One thing that unites all cultures is the love of shopping, whether it’s bargain hunting, present buying or treating yourself to that special something, we all need to shop. Africa and South Africa has always had a long tradition of markets where people would travel from far and wide not only to stock up on provisions, but to spoil themselves with luxury items for themselves and their family.  You will still find an array of informal markets across Cape Town which we will cover in future blogs, but sometimes you just crave the comfort, choice, convenience and elegant pacing of a mall. Of course in the shopping centres of the 21st century, retail is only part of the offering. Recreation, entertainment, eating and drinking and services as varied as massage therapy and kids’ craft classes are all part of the offering that centres use to entice customers.  Centres have become destinations in themselves, where people visit to leisurely explore and enjoy. As a visitor to Cape Town you would expect centres to have an offering that recognises the local landscape in   their shopping and services. This week we have chosen three centres that do exactly that, offer international class retail and services with a distinctively local flavour. 

Image Credit Cape Town Tourism 

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