Hitting the Trail - Hiking in Cape Town

March 16, 2020

Even though it seems that South Africa has been thus far spared the worst of Coronavirus, as a precaution many mass public events like concerts and festivals have been cancelled though not to the extent as Europe. Fortunately as Cape Town is endowed with a wealth of hiking trails that you can do in small groups, a more wholesome, serene kind of recreation will always be available. Getting out of the city is a cinch in Cape Town and with less than an hours drive you can easily reach trails which will allow you to meander through forests glades, swim in rock pools and generally just get lost in your thoughts.  Even though being safe on a hike is common sense, it is vitally important that you follow the basic rules while hiking in Cape Town. Cape Town in summer can get very hot, so take plenty of water in a recyclable container that you can refill on your trail. Hat and sun block are a prerequisite. It can also get chilly quickly, so bring a fleece and a waterproof as rain can also come from nowhere.  Also some snacks and a rucksack to carry it all so your hands are free.  Make sure you have sensible shoes and a phone that is fully charged before you set out.  Do not take valuables on a hike, although the parks in Cape Town are well staffed by rangers, it is better to be safe than sorry.  With all the necessary preparations in order you will be ready to experience some of the most incredible sights and sounds that await you in Cape Town’s hiking trails.

Image Credit  Cape Town Tourism

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