Truckin’ in the food! - Cosmo Cafe - Part 2

March 14, 2019

Cosmo Cafe is a food truck that allows you to whip around the world within one menu. They are a proudly South African, Black Female owned business which is making waves food truck and culinary world. 

The international fare on offer includes (but is not limited to):

Moroccan Tagines(Chicken/Lamb/Beef/Vegetables) and Couscous; New York Lox Bagel with homemade cream cheese and gravlax (a Scandinavian dish of dry-cured salmon marinated in herbs). Also available are Pakistani spicy mince lolly wraps with salsa and yoghurt Sauce; the good old Philly Cheesesteak (rump)and flavorful veggie or chicken Burrito including corn, red beans and cheese.

There are many, many more options but this should give you a taste of the breadth of the menu. All the food items are prepared fresh and with a great deal of love! <3




Where: Festivals & Private Events, Sea Point Promenade (on sunny days)

Picture Credit: Cosmo Cafe Facebook Page