December 20, 2019

South Africa is sports mad, to update an old joke. How do you know that South Africa won the Rugby World Cup? A South African will tell you, and another one will remind you and you can expect to hear this for the next four years. So finding a sports bar in Cape Town, will not be much of a challenge. Of course there is run of the mill bars that play sports on TV and there is sport bars which offer so much more than beer and sports.  Kong is decidedly in the later camp, sure you can watch sports here, and you can even play pool, but if sport is not you bag, you simply head up to the upstairs lounge or lush roof deck for some serious cocktail time. 

The kitchen serves up posh gastro grub which is an unusual mix of Oriental, African and Continental flavours. This hybrid menu approach extends to the delightfully tongue in cheek decor, a kind of Afro Kitsch meets 1930s B-movie mash up that would excite any Wes Anderson fan in your party.  From python print sofas to Sci-Fi Afro queens and tin crocodiles the atmosphere is designed to lift the spirit of even most sorest of losers.  On weekends there is DJs and dancing till the wee hours.  Making this multi room bar the perfect option for both sports fans and non sports fans alike. You might come here for the game, but you'll stay for the vibe. 


 0027 21 461 4920   info@kongcapetown.co.za

10-12 Cobern St, Cape Town Central

Image Credit Werner Ryke 

 Copy Mlungu Media