A New Villa on a glorious block - The Camps Bay Cannons - Part 3

September 05, 2019

The early colonial days were a lawless place where differing European countries made unadulterated and greedy land and resource grabs and tried to protect “their” share of the wealth as best they could.

In this effort, overlapping cannon batteries were set up to defend the Dutch East India Companies “outpost”, mostly from invasion by the British. Used as both a deterrent and a signalling system (like the fires of Gondor) that allowed a speedy response to an enemy incursion. 

Th Camps Bay Cannons are special in that they were lost, forgotten, had literally tumbled into the ravine in front of them and had lain there until 1998 when a hiker pretty much tripped over them and thought, these must be important. So they were cleared of debris, cleaned, restored and installed at a point that is a favourite viewing point for majestic Camps Bay sunsets.

There are many others to be seen at the Castle of Good Hope, the Cape Town Docks, Simon’s Town Naval Dockyard and Hout Bay.

Location: Corner of Kloof and Main Roads, Camps Bay

Photo credit: https://factsfound.co.za/index...