If you love them, set them free :-) - Kirstenbosch for kids - Part 2

November 21, 2018

Kirstenbosch is firmly entrenched as the family favourite for a day out. There are so many little paths and exciting areas to discover and wander through. 

Take your kids to the enchanted forest where the mystical looking trees will provide a beautiful backdrop to their fun and games. Do “leaf-races” in one off the many little streams in shady groves of indigenous trees. There are stunning metallic dinosaur sculptures in the Cycad area, making you feel like an extra on Jurassic Park.

Pretty much anywhere is a great place to set up and have a picnic, unless you want to make use of the deli or the restaurant near the main entrances.

Take some water and don’t forget sunscreen :-)

URL: https://kirstenhof.org.za

Where: Rhodes Drive, Newlands