Day trips and coastlines - Historic Muizenberg Day Trip - Part 1

December 04, 2018

Muizenberg is one of those places that your hind-brain knows from old pictures of the Cape. The bright little painted beach houses, the ice cream on the promenade, there is something exceedingly familiar about Muizenberg which makes it a great place to go spend a day and explore.

Located on the point where the shore of the Cape Peninsula curves round to the east on the False Bay coast, Muizenberg has some of the best views you’ll ever see and a thriving seaside community.

Historically an affluent seaside town for holiday makers, Muizenberg had been frequented and loved from people as varied as Cecil John Rhodes to Agatha Christie!

There are also loads of little cafe’s, shops and antiquities dealers for you to spend the morning browsing and eating.

All in all, an amazing area.