Cape Town Eclectic - The Rumbullion - Part 3

March 02, 2017

‘Rumbullion’ is an archaic English term for a riotous good time, and the venues ambience lends itself to exactly that, encompassing the terraced outer grounds of the renowned Roundhouse Restaurant. 

The Roundhouse Restaurant itself is the peak of the intersecting points of service and culinary prowess, and anything that exits their kitchen is absolutely draped in perfection. But today we focus on the outside, where the somewhat austere severity that accompanies true food appreciation is toned done to the sensation of an incredibly high end picnic. 

The morsels to consume are of the highest order, grab a Roundhouse Bakery ciabatta, some cheeses and preserves from one of their pretty presentations, top it off with some black forest ham and a craft beer or two. The next bit is the easy part, sip, nibble and soak in the Camps Bay view from the Unesco World Heritage site. 



Tel:      +27 21 438 4347

Location: 1 Roundhouse Road, Camps Bay, Cape Town