Big in Japan - SHIO Modern Japanese Izakaya - Part 2

November 08, 2017

Chef Cheyne Morrisby has brought his unique and divine talent to this Japanese restaurant in The Grey Hotel in De Waterkant. This has resulted in them winning “The Best Asian Eatery” Award at the 2017 Eat Out Awards. 

Cleverly they have subdivided the menu into Umi (ocean), Tochi (land), Chikyuu (earth) and Amai (sweet), to give your palate the opportunity to explore the full length and breadth of its capabilities.

You are encouraged to try 2-3 Japanese tapas options and we can highly recommend the nori tuna tacos, the beef short-rib gyoza (pan-fried dumplings) and the firecracker prawns. Each of the dishes was created with care, cooked with attention to detail and presented beautifully. The eating experience is very communal, and sharing is encouraged. 

All menu items to be enjoyed with imported Sake and a selection of Japanese beers (remember to Uber!).




Tel: + 27 64 661 7474

Location: 49 Napier Street, De Waterkant