Atlético Madrid Suffer Heavy Defeat Against Osasuna: Player Ratings and Analysis

Atlético Madrid Suffer Heavy Defeat Against Osasuna: Player Ratings and Analysis


May 20 2024


Atlético Madrid Suffer Heavy Defeat Against Osasuna

In a recent LaLiga encounter, Atlético Madrid found themselves on the wrong end of a 4-1 thrashing by Osasuna. The match was a sobering revelation for Diego Simeone's side, characterized by glaring defensive lapses and Osasuna's sharp finishing. Allowing four goals from just 1.84 expected goals exposed serious defensive flaws in the Atlético ranks. These goals came from Raúl García, who found the net twice, Aimar Oroz, and Lucas Torró, all scoring from within the penalty area.

Goalkeeper Woes

Jan Oblak, considered one of the top goalkeepers in the world, had a night to forget. He conceded four goals, a rare and troubling stat for a keeper of his caliber. Although the Slovenian shot-stopper has been a rock for Atlético over the years, this performance raised questions about his current form and the defensive solidity in front of him. Oblak has saved Atlético countless times, but against Osasuna, he was exposed, with little he could do to prevent the goals.

Defensive Disarray

Atlético's defensive line failed to live up to its reputation. Stefan Savić, usually reliable, struggled with positioning and decision-making, contributing to the chaos. César Azpilicueta, who joined Atlético in a bid to bolster their defense, had sporadic moments of effectiveness but couldn't provide the leadership and stability required. Despite his experience, he seemed overwhelmed by the pace and incisiveness of Osasuna's attacks.

One bright spot in the otherwise dismal defensive showing was defender Lino. He showed flashes of brilliance, notably with a curling effort that hit the post just before halftime. His assist for Álvaro Morata's late goal was another high point. However, his isolated moments of brilliance were not enough to turn the tide.

Midfield and Attacking Play

In midfield, Atlético Madrid struggled to gain control. Players like Antoine Griezmann had their moments but couldn't influence the game as they would have hoped. Griezmann, known for his creativity and vision, found it difficult to break through Osasuna's defense and create meaningful chances.

Álvaro Morata, who came on as a substitute, managed to grab a consolation goal late in the game. Despite this, his overall impact was limited, and his goal came too late to inspire a comeback. Rodrigo Riquelme, another substitute, had a mixed performance, showing glimpses of potential but lacking the consistency required to turn the game around.

Concerns and Moving Forward

This defeat has undoubtedly raised concerns about Atlético Madrid's defensive capabilities. Once renowned for their rock-solid defense, this performance suggests a worrying decline. The team's overall performance was subpar, leaving fans and analysts questioning their prospects for the rest of the season.

Head coach Diego Simeone will need to address these issues urgently. The breakdown in defensive organization and the inability to capitalize on attacking opportunities are areas requiring immediate attention. If Atlético hopes to contend for top honors in LaLiga and other competitions, they will need to rediscover their defensive solidity and improve their overall play.

The match against Osasuna serves as a wake-up call for Atlético Madrid. While there were isolated positives, the collective performance fell short. The team must regroup, analyze their shortcomings, and work on finding solutions to prevent such performances in the future. The talent is there; it's now a question of whether they can harness it effectively to return to winning ways.

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